Flexi Plywood

Mohan kheda flexi ply is composed of layers of thin plies. This means that it will bend into various ‘curved’ shapes, quite easily. Our flexi plywood can be formed into any unusual shape. Our plywood is mainly used for making furniture, chair, book case, used as decorative and many more. Our flexi plywood is highly recommended by many architecture and interior designer. Our manufacturers have used a technique, allow several layers of thin flexi ply to be glued together permanently forming curved shapes. We offer excellent quality at competitive price.


  • Quality Products
  • Low Cost – Competitive Price
  • Moulded in any Shape
  • Boiling Waterproof
  • Innovative Products
  • Description


    Stock items:

    • Density : 350 to 450 Kg per Cbm
    • Thickness: 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm
    • Panel sizes: 2500x1220mm, 3120x1870mm, 1220x2500mm, 1870x3120mm (Stock items can be supplied in less than pallet quantities)
    • Face Grade: II/II

    Details (Thickness/Radius)

    • 3mm (3-ply) 180/pallet, weight = 1.2 kg/m2
    • 5mm (3-ply) 110/pallet, weight = 2.0 kg/m2
    • 8mm (3-ply) 68/pallet, weight = 3.2 kg/m2
    • 9mm (3-ply) 68/pallet, weight = 3.6 kg/m2
    • 12mm (5-ply) 46/pallet, weight = 4.8 kg/m2
    • 16mm (5-ply) 34/pallet, weight = 6.4 kg/m2
    • (Other thickness by agreement)

    Standard Sizes:

    • 2500x1220mm (column) – 2500mm high with 1220mm arc length
    • 3120x1850mm (column) – 3120mm high with 1850mm arc length
    • 1220x2500mm (barrel) – 1220mm high with 2500mm arc length
    • 1850x3120mm (barrel) – 1850mm high with 3120mm arc length
    • Other sizes by agreement