PVC Laminate Sheets

PVC laminates sheets are the next big things in the interior decor solution. These laminates come in wide range of design and colors. These laminates can be cut, routed and drilled, with most standard wood working tool or equipment's. All blades must be sharp. To remove any burrs that may occur in the cutting process, we recommend the use of a smooth file to feather all corner edges. Any cleaning agent containing acids, alkali's or abrasive should not be used to clean this laminate. Exposure to sunlight should be avoided.

PVC Laminated Sheet with Jute/ Polyester Backing is available in plain, printed designs and different types of Embossing's. Suitable for extreme cold climatic conditions, more commonly referred are the only versatile and practical solution.


  • Manufacturer from natural resources
  • Comes in wide range and design
  • Can bend 90 degree
  • Chemical resistant
  • High quality and cost saving products
  • Description


    • Thickness: 0.80mm to 2.00 mm
    • Width available: 2.00 mm
    • Standard length: 15 meters roll